New Sporting Training Gloves - Golden White

New Sporting Training Gloves - Golden White

New Sporting Training Gloves - Golden White


Up to 10 business days producing time


Custom Hand-made in Mexico

Cow leather

Attached thumb

Welted Seams

Closure: Laces or Velcro

Latex Foam interior padding


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Top quality gloves, can be used for training and sparring. Made of durable materials, with long lasting life of use. This Mexican brand is known to be the manufacturer of many other known commercialized brands.


Take advantage of these custom handmade mexican traditional unique style of gloves with its spectacular style and colors. Be the first to wear them in your gym, and show off the most unique gloves.


***Note that these gloves are boutique gloves meaning they aren't massed produced. They are made by hand in small batches. Some imperfections are common; such as, blemishes, irregular stitching, but rest assure this is sign of authentic Mexican made gloves with the quality and master craftsmanship that are built to last.


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    Returns and Refund is not available for this type of artesanal hand made product.

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