Classics Mexicombate Training Gloves - Yellow/ Gray

Classics Mexicombate Training Gloves - Yellow/ Gray

Classics Mexicombate Training Gloves- Yellow/ Gray


Custom Hand-made in Mexico

Cow leather

Closure: Laces

Attached Thumb

Latex Foam interior padding


Mexicombate version differentiators

Extra wrist padding protection

Triple Rounded Segmented Cuff
Fiber Rounded Wrist Palm
Double stitching
Welted seams


This brand belongs to Zepol's founder (Aureliano Soria) son. Similar to Gil and Lopez, this brand was founded by one of Zepol's founder children (Manuel Soria) after he passed away.


Very comfortable and good craftmanship gloves. Great for bag work because of the support and also good for sparring because of the soft knuckle padding.


Real quality leather, the right fit for your hands, the feeling of your punches through your hands while being protected at the same time is something you will certainly love from this mexican style glove. The way the gloves are shaped really helps you get perfect technique when hitting the mitts and bags. Really protective and great padding in knuckle and wrist area. Because of the high quality leather, this gloves may last at least several years of intense use.
Take advantage of these custom handmade mexican traditional unique style of gloves with its spectacular style and colors. Be the first to wear them in your gym, and show off the most unique gloves.


***Note that these gloves are boutique gloves meaning they aren't massed produced. They are made by hand in small batches. Some imperfections are common; such as, blemishes, irregular stitching, but rest assure this is sign of authentic Mexican made gloves with the quality and master craftsmanship that are built to last.


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