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My review of Mexican boxing brands

On this post I will give my personal opinion to Mexican boxing brands that I've been using during my practicing time. I will try to keep updating this post as we keep adding new Mexican brands review.

As you may already know, what makes us boxing gear lovers interested about trying out different boxing brands, is because each boxing manufacturer will have its own particular style of building its gloves and equipment.

Specific to Mexican or "Hecho in Mexico" boxing equipment that has become special and traditionally worldwide known, it is mainly because all its equipment is handmade in their workshops and materials being used like genuine cow or goat leather and natural latex would normally be better quality than any other mass commercialized brand in Amazon. Making it durable and last longing gear.

Now, each of us as individual may have major preference for some sort of gloves style than others. Which is why, there's not necessary a better or worst brand, but instead different styles and "look" on how each brand gloves feel. Of course, there will always be "quality" included in each of these brands, where some could be better than others.


  • Made of Goat leather. Goat leather will be thicker than cow leather, not sure of this, but I would believe because of thickness, they could be a bit more resistant and durable.

  • Hands fitting is the tightest of all other Mexican gloves I've used. I would not recommend this brand if you have big hands, or if you do, have a 16+ oz gloves.

  • Would normally need to break its stiffness, having to use them a few days because they get used to your hand and fist.

  • Comes with normal wrist protection padding.

  • The "look" style of gloves is kind of squared and not very "fashion" look. Expect to see a traditional old school look of glove.

  • Hitting the bag with these gloves feels amazing - if you like the sense of impact, very close as if you were punching straight with you clean hands, while being protected.

  • Single stitching.


  • Hand space will normally be wider than your hand.

  • Padding is well balanced, absorbs punches very well - similar to Cleto Reyes. Not bouncing at all when punching hard, as it may feel with some other brands.

  • Padding protection is very well covered in both sides of hand, including wrists.

  • Closure fits very well around wrists, keeping the glove steady when punching or defending.

  • Inside lining feels well, not irritating my hands after several rounds of training or sweating hands.

  • Double and single stitching, depending the sew line.


Note this brand gloves and Lopez most of their details are very similar, where double stitching in Gil through the lace/ velcro closure is the only differentiation I could see.

  • These gloves looks nice while keeping a unique Mexican style look, and is prettier than Zepol's - in my view.

  • Hands fit is enough for hand and fist to sit snug while being also comfortable.

  • About its knuckle padding, when punching hard, there may be a slight feeling of bouncing.

  • Closure around wrist fits loose, which may feel your glove wrist not so steady when punching hard. I have small wrists, so can't be certain how it feels for someone with big wrists.

  • Double and single stitching, depending the sew line.