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My beginnings in the boxing collection quest

Hi I'm Edgar, a Mexican 32 years old husband and father of a daughter, a corporate employee and also an entrepreneur. I’ve been practicing the sport of boxing for a few years now only as a hobby, in the community of what some people would call as “white collar boxing".

My great pleasure and passion for boxing began 6 years ago when decided to give another chance into the learning of boxing. After the first year of learning the basics, some other factors that got me addicted into the sport of boxing were the value of having a coach that cares about your developing and the boxing communities you participate in.

The first gloves I started with, were some Everlast Elite Pro, which they gave up after 1 year of use. At that moment, because I was just discovering my boxing passion, whatever gloves I would use didn't really mattered much for learning. My second year I acquired some Ringside gloves and gear, this brand I did liked it more than Everlast overall, however, it is when I began to experience the durability and materials of being synthetic leather - or not real leather -, with also the padding protection not being latex but instead some “new fancy technology”.

At that time, my only source of searching for boxing equipment was Amazon, which might be the easiest option to get your basic equipment, but definitely not somewhere you would find the hidden jewels of boxing.

My second year of boxing practice, is when I started practicing sparring in a constant way. Because I wanted to spar with different boxers and not just the same mates I’ve started learning with, is what took me into joining several boxing gyms at the same time, and dividing the days I would take training into which gym. During my boxing history, I’ve had 6 different coaches and been active training into 5 different boxing gyms.

Until this time, I knew very little - or nothing - about Mexican made boxing gear quality or its materials. It was after seeing most of the boxers wearing all these unknown Mexican brands to me, including the coaches always suggesting these brands to their community.

I could easily notice, even though my gear could’ve seemed a bit more of “modern-fashion”, the leather quality, resistance, fit of the Mexican gloves - among others - was way above my gloves. Shortly after that, I got my first Mexican gloves, where all the happily-ever-after story began.

Since then, I’ve had many other Mexican brands of equipment, and even though they all got its particularities, I’ve got in love with each one of those brands. Along time, after experiencing more joy and engagement into the practice of boxing, acquiring new boxing equipment and testing it, became my new hobby.

Knowing there still exists so many other Mexican - and worldwide - brands that I’m still missing to try out and discover… this is the story of how I became part of this quest of collecting handmade gems from the Mexican artisans from the boxing sport.


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