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Mexican training boxing gloves real weight

I will begin with a few description of the main 2 types of gloves you will find in the market:

  1. Training gloves: These are the most common we boxing recreational's would be used to have. As it name says, mainly used for training. i.e. Boxing bag, pads, sparring, among others.

  2. Fighting gloves: These kind of gloves are supposedly expected to last lesser than a training glove, as per the materials and requirements that should be made with. These are made under specific requirements depending on each boxing country regulations, but for example some requirements could be:

    • Leather free of lead

    • Weight must be precise as what is tagged with

    • They can be made up of horse hair, polyurethane and/ or latex.

Have you ever weighted your training gloves?

After having several brands of boxing equipment, I've realized that Mexican brands training gloves, will normally come with overweight in respect to what is their weight tag. Note that for the Everlast, Ringside and Title's I've had, they have come with t heir precise weight. I guess this might be a common deviation for handmade gloves.

Over time, I will be updating pictures here with new different Mexican brands weight tag, and its real weight. In case it helps, next time you planning on getting some new Mexican gloves, you can easily make the call on the right weight tag you would like to order. Know that weight in each Mexican brand is not precise every time, so don't expect that buying different 16 oz gloves, will all pairs weight exactly the same.

Boxeo - 16 oz

Campeon - 14 oz

Casanova - 14 oz

Gil - 14 oz

Hernandez Champs - 16 oz

Lopez - 14 oz

New Sporting - 16 oz

Soon coming...


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