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Hands, wrist and knuckle protection

In this short post I will be describing the type of hand protection I would normally wear for boxing, depending the occasion.

Hands, knuckles and wrist protection

Depending on the training I'm planning to do, I would protect my hands and wrists as per below:

  • Everlast evergel handwraps (or any other similar product): I would normally use these, when just going soft and for a small time with punching bag, or just doing some double end bag workout. As they are so simple to put in/ out, saves me a few minutes than to the detail I'd put when using boxing bandages. I began using these very often while working out at home.

  • Even though these are adjustable, it would always end up being a bit loose somewhere in my hand (knuckles, fingers, wrist).

  • Boxing bandages: When I'm planning to put several rounds into boxing bag, or going hard into the punching bag, I would definitely use bandages hand wrapping around my wrist, fingers and knuckles to avoid any injury when throwing a misplaced punch. Me being just a "hobby" boxer, therefore not close to a "pro", throwing incorrectly placed hard punches is something that may happen to me very often :).

  • Knuckle gel guards: I discovered these Knuckle protection when I used to workout at the boxing gyms. When hitting the pads or punching shield with my coach after several time during several days, my fingers and knuckles would always end up being a bit damaged. So wearing this, would help you in similar cases, and it does reduce a lot the damage your knuckles and fingers would be getting from impact.

  • Note having these guards, would add up a bit more of space to your hand space.

Basically, for assisting to boxing gyms I would always be wearing my Knuckle guards + my boxing bandages. For home workout, it depends the mood and the intensity I'm planning to give into training.

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